Algar Consultores

wants to make it easy for you

For this reason, we provide a list of all the services we provide so that you can make the best decisions for your company and avoid any problems or risks.

Tax Advice

  • Tax planning.
  • Personal income tax.
  • Corporate Income Tax.
  • Wealth Tax.
  • Value Added Tax.
  • Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • Tax on Property Transfer and Stamp Duty.
  • Actions and appeals in tax matters.
  • Applications for deferment and payment in instalments of tax debts.

Employment Advice

  • Calculation and preparation of payslips and Social Security contributions.
  • Preparation and processing of:
    • Applications for registration, deregistration and variation of employee data.
    • Employment contracts and extensions.
    • Company certificates.
    • Settlements and end-of-contract notifications.
    • Work accident reports.
  • Reports on the cost of workers for the company.
  • Advice on bonuses for the company by type of contract.
  • Dispute resolution.


  • Preparation of accounts adapted to the Commercial Code.
  • Revision, regulation and closing of accounts.
  • Accounting process in Direct and Simplified Direct Estimation.
  • Transcription of Minute books and partners.
  • Preparation of official books.
  • Filing of books with the Mercantile Register.

Commercial Advice

  • Incorporation of companies.
  • Dissolution of companies.
  • Modification of the structure of the Administrative Body in SA / SL.
  • Capital increases and decreases in SA / SL.
  • Modification of the corporate purpose in SA / SL.
  • Adaptation/transformation of companies in accordance with current legislation.
  • Mergers, takeovers, demergers of companies.
  • Purchase and sale of shares.
  • Convening of meetings.

Legal Advice

  • Drawing up of lease contracts (Movable and immovable property).
  • Drawing up purchase and sale contracts (shares/participations...).
  • Drafting of other contracts (debt acknowledgement, commercial commission, agency, representation, leasing of services...).
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative appeals.
  • Civil matters.
  • Debt claims.


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