About us

About Algar Consultores

Who are we?

Since its beginnings, our organisation has been providing its tax, labour, accounting and commercial consultancy services in the area of Campiña Sur in Cordoba. However, nowadays, its area of influence has extended to the whole province of Cordoba, and it has also extended its networks to other parts of Andalusia, Madrid, Catalonia and Galicia, and even to France.

If our firm has been characterised by anything, it has been by our closeness to our clients, seeking personal involvement to the point of maintaining a close and familiar relationship with all our clients, regardless of their size or the volume of business they bring to the firm, without this affecting the high level of professionalism required of us as a professional firm dedicated to such delicate aspects as tax, labour, etc.

Our organisation is equipped with the necessary material and human resources

in accordance with the times and circumstances in which we live, such as prepared, trained and experienced professionals, suitable real estate facilities, as well as advanced furniture and computer equipment that result in the most professional and human service to ensure that our clients feel fully satisfied.

Our Trajectory

Algar Consultores is a professional firm located in the Campiña Sur area of Cordoba dedicated to consultancy, mainly in tax, labour, accounting and commercial matters. It was founded in 2005, although it is the result of a business restructuring process and the professionals included in its organisation have been carrying out these activities since 1999.

Since its origins, our organisation has been closely linked to the Social Economy, coordinating, managing, giving and supervising seminars, courses, conferences and European projects, disseminating and promoting the social economy as a driving force for the development of our regional economy.

At present, Algar Consultores has focused its activity on legal areas related to taxation, accounting, commercial and labour matters, collaborating externally with renowned professionals in the legal, real estate and inheritance fields.

Our Philosophy

Our main objective is the full satisfaction of our clients with the services provided by our firm and to achieve this we are at their disposal to offer them personalised and professional attention, using the most advanced technology in the matters we deal with, as well as fostering an excellent working environment and atmosphere that favours collaboration between the professionals and collaborators of the firm.

We are aware of the competitiveness of the market and the complexity of the matters entrusted to us, and we can only achieve our main objective of client satisfaction if our professionals are at all times trained and updated in knowledge and information and communications technologies.


Up to now, and we hope that this will continue to be the case, our success has been achieved thanks to our service, personal and human treatment, the professionalism of our collaborators and a personalised and close follow-up of each of our cases. Our clients endorse us.

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